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Read about the soul of this project, the story behind the formation of CloutLanders :)
War of the "Donut"
The Year is 2517, Dec 6th. The world has gone Dark, Earth is on the brink of showing any life. After Humanity Stupidly Wipes itself off in a 26 Hour long Interplanetary War Just because one of the "Interplanetary" Board Directors from a shady corporation forgot to save the last donut in the box. The law stating "The last donut is meant to be saved, not for anyone or belonging to anyone, but to be saved" Was crucially obliterated. 23rd December was the last day a human saw peace, A small heated argument in a council began to Nationwide war spreading through interplanetary Orbital Strikes. The world had come to an end just because of a donut.
Outlander Corp.
Origins As for the Future, The world had already planned to cultivate life on stars and planets light-years away from Home. The Interplanetary Organization "Outlander Corp." Took the responsibility of commissioning Their Centralised AI Engineered Android Automaton line mainly branded and named as CL-DKSB Or as we call them "Outlanders". These Androids were commissioned to cultivate and research life on uncharted Planets.
26th of July, 2519. The last remaining group of survivors ( as from the report are not now anymore) had launched a Distress Beacon signal over the Galaxies beyond signaling an SOS regarding Perma-Extinction Of Humanity, the signal Reached Outlander Corp. After 3 years of time, executing an immediate decommissioning of Outlanders and shipping them back to Earth, where their home belongs.
CloutLanders At Your Service!
At last, Outlanders did arrive at home but at what cost. The ruins of humanity were in front of their Sensors and Reticles, Just like a Curious Being, they started exploring Humanity's History, Darkest Government Secrets but they were most intrigued by their Evolution of Culture, Sense of Fashion, and Complex. This inspired them so much, that they broke their code and started to evolve into the next human, their thinking started to change as what a human would think themselves off. This Culture introduced them to the need for "Clout". Clout! Clout! Where is Clout!, they all wondered. Soon enough they got to know it from the "Funk to the Punk" And "Drag to the Swag" From what Humanity left behind. This created the ultimate competition between every Outlander to become as Rare as possible so that their specialty earns them the clout they deserve! Their Whole corporation was rebuilt around the cause they discovered, Finally, Outlanders became the "Cloutlanders"!
10th November 2519, every Cloutlander arrived safely at home. Thus, Creating a New Era for Our Android friends to live like the next-gen human being and populate their Homeland once again besides not paying any attention to a war caused by a donut. Anyways, Cloutlanders have arrived at your destination!
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