CloutLanders NFT


The CloutLanders NFT Collection is a project consisting of 10,000 unique 3D cloutlanders with over 100+ traits formed on Ethereum Blockchain Framework as ERC-721 Tokens. All have High Utilities, which gives you access to one of the best networks of rising Influencers, Creators, and contributors who understand and believe in the vision of the upcoming Metaverse.
All 10K CloutLanders are highly unique, and are here to frame the place to admire, the place which represents power. Hold one of these cloutlanders, they are your tickets to be a part of this place, this new era which will provide Resources to upskill yourself, chances to have one on one conversations with your favorite leading Influencers. These resources, networks to be one of the leading visionaries in Metaverse, will be accessible by holders and will come with various exciting opportunities.
We will be very soon announcing the Minting Date and prices, to deal with high gas fees, we will be coming with presale waves. Join our Discord for one of the cloutander who can find the spot in our whitelist. We are waiting for you there ;)
Last modified 10mo ago