CloutLanders NFT


Read about our promising and visionary roadmap which is bringing you High Utilities!
CloutLandersNFT Club DAO will be set up, where the community will vote for decisions. To Us, the community comes first.
CloutLanders entering into Metaverse and having our own land in Decentraland.
CloutCamps are at your service. Exclusive bootcamps from top professionals and influencers will teach you every week with something new. Learn about everything about growing your influence, Community and Personal Branding.
These are carrier and skill-oriented sessions with professionals having over 7+ years of experience. Every week, Detailed sessions.
You have an amazing personality, a brand idea but struggling with strategy and Funds? We believe in growth, thus introducing CloutFunds. A special community wallet that will fund you to raise your brand if they win the votes of the community. 20% of our monthly secondary sales will be reserved in Clout Funds for the rising influencers of the community.
Release of Decentralised platform only accessible by holders, unlocking multiple connections with Influencers and people who Inspire and achieve. Get access to ultimate premium resources, our partners and collaborators offerings, and whatnot!
Release of Rover coin, $rovr, which has long-term utilities and will only be available to holders. What is $rovr? A High Utility token that can be used to mint new collections, Unlock Upgrades exclusive content, and many more surprises. Staking your NFT can X2 your $rovr coins.
We can't forget our origin, Our-Lore says, CloutLanders have arrived and are re-establishing the lost humanity. Donating 25,000$ to education, sports, and skills-focused societies.
Finally, the Mega Event is here. CloutLandersNFT holders will get access to MegaEvent held in Dubai, with all other influencers and professionals. In search of 'Clout', we all are growing up!
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