CloutLanders NFT

Why CloutLanders?

The CloutLanders NFT project is not your ordinary NFT project with 2D generative art and ordinary Utilities. CloutLanders are not only 3D but also have been made from scratch- from the name to the game. We are a High Utility NFT project with holders’ benefits never seen before and are taking the step to mingle our community with the most cloutstanding personalities, influencers, and creators.
CloutFunds, CloutCamps, and the CloutLanders Mega Event are some things that we came up with to provide quality to our community and help them to rise as well. We are even seeking to enter the Metaverse with our community and form our own city in Decentraland where your avatar will be your CloutLander totally resembling your 3D NFT.
In the big picture, we are giving both real lives as well as virtual benefits, so that no one misses out. But most importantly we will not leave you hanging and provide the best community experience possible.